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County Councillor calls for castration

Maeve Yore
Maeve Yore

SEX offenders should be castrated in an attempt to stop attacks in Ireland, according to a Louth politician.

Dundalk Independent Councillor Maeve Yore said the measure would soon see a drop in sex attacks. 

She said she wanted to speak out after reading about twisted barman Anthony Hussey’s savage rape of a 74-year-old woman in west Kerry. 

Cllr Yore initially posted on Facebook: “I strongly feel castration is the only answer to address the ever increasing numbers of rapists and paedophiles.

“If we changed our laws to err on the side of the victim not the abuser and carried out five castrations nationally it would resolve the problem.”

She received both positive and negative reactions to the comments, but told the Sunday World she has felt strongly about the situation for some time. 

“I’m not one bit sorry for making the comments. I’m fed up with people getting away with it and ruining people’s lives,” she said.

“I do think it would work. It works in some states in America. It would work for the children who were abused.

“The law errs on the side of the criminal not the victim. I’m not a sensationalist saying things for populism. 

“I know the effect it has on people’s lives. They’re never the same again. It’s a life sentence. It affects their partners and children.”