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Cops’ ring of steel around ‘Bottler’ Devoy’s ‘hood

Derek 'Bottler' Devoy
Derek 'Bottler' Devoy

A ring of steel has been placed around Ballymun since the release of gangland thug Derek ‘Bottler’ Devoy who has been listed as the number one gangland target in Ireland.

This is dead man walking Devoy, who has caused a major headache to Gardai patrolling the streets of north Dublin in an effort to prevent any attempt to assassinate him.

It is understood that there is a €20,000 bounty on his head by associates of gang boss Greg Lynch who are suspected of shooting his brother ‘Mad’ Mickey dead last year.

He was assassinated after he was blamed for the shooting of Lynch in a packed Dublin pub which has left him scarred for life. The feud erupted over a row about a €30,000 debt.

Armed Gardai are doing spot checks on cars travelling through the area after mounting the highest possible security alert since ‘Bottler’s’ release last week.

Devoy walked free from Mountjoy Prison after serving a sentence for an attempted robbery of a post office in Balbriggan, north Dublin, and for shooting at his neighbours 

Lynch’s mob were suspected of the murder of ‘Bottler’s’ brother ‘Mad’ Mickey Devoy last year after he was blamed for the gun attack on Lynch at Hanlons corner pub.

Mickey Devoy

Gardai believe a major ‘kill or be killed’ threat exists on Devoy who is living with his mother on  Balbutcher Road.

The thug is keeping a low profile since his release and has not been seen out and about in Ballymum.

He is said to be completely paranoid that he is going to be shot dead just like his brother.

The 35-year-old was released from jail two days early in an effort to thwart any planned assassination attempt and was driven straight to his mother’s home where he has remained ever since, only popping out to collect a girlfriend.

Gardai are hoping that their presence on the street coupled with heavy CCTV in the area will be enough to discourage a shooter from taking a pop at Devoy. 

Locals in Ballymun are believed to be terrified of Devoy who is known to be a highly volatile criminal.

He was in jail when his brother was shot dead but was not allowed out for his funeral.

Bottler was found guilty of a non-fatal drive-by shooting of two of his neighbours in Ballymum in 2007. 

Garda search on Balbutcher Lane, Ballymun

His trial heard that he was recognised when a scarf slipped from his face after he shot at the two men from a speeding car.

Ballymun woman Victoria McElligott who recognised Devoy as he shot at her brothers Eugene and Paul has been under armed guard since she gave evidence against him.

She was on the street when she said she saw a Mazda car drive up to her brothers and saw a person in the back seat shoot at them. She told the court that she got a look at the gunman and screamed “it’s Bottler Devoy!”

Ms McElligott said Devoy then pointed the gun at her but she pulled her coat over her head until she heard the car drive away. Eugene McElligott told the court he heard ‘the wind going past my ear’ while he ran for safety to a neighbours house.

In the meantime the Devoys got involved in a feud with associates of gang boss Greg Lynch over a debt owed.

Last January his brother ‘Mad’ Mickey was shot dead and dumped in Bohernabreena.

It is understood that the Lynch mob had planned to kill two other brothers and had targeted window cleaner John O’Reagan who was shot dead outside a school in Ballymun.

O’Regan was blamed for stealing the car which was used in the botched hit on a Lynch in 2013.

Lynch was lucky to survive the shooting and has since been so paranoid he rarely goes out barricading himself into his home in Marylands. When he does he tries to cover his face and the horrific scarring that he endured.

Lynch is a key member of a drugs gang that also includes Paul Rice and has close links to the international crime syndicate controlled by godfather Christy Kinahan.

Originally from the Oliver Bond flats complex, Lynch has been a long-term target for Gardai.

Lynch was aged just 19 when he was jailed for six years in 2004 after he was caught handing over €400,000 of heroin.