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Cops believe Hutch murder suspect was hitman for botched drug boss hit

James Quinn
James Quinn

Cops believe that murder suspect James Quinn was the hitman who botched an attempt to kill drug boss Peter ‘Fatso’ Mitchell on the Costa nearly eight years ago.

He is also suspected as being the triggerman for the murders of brothers Gerard ‘Hatchet’ Kavanagh in September 2014 and his brother Paul Kavanagh in April 2015.

Quinn, who is behind bars on a murder rap for the shooting of Gary Hutch in Spain last September, was arrested this week in Spain as he tried to board a plane.

It is understood that a mobile phone found in the abandoned car used in the assassination, led cops to the senior Kinahan henchman, who is a  relative of veteran gangster Martin ‘the Viper’ Foley. 

DNA has also linked him to the BMW which was found near where Hutch was killed.

Quinn (34), was living on the Costa in a stunning detached villa and driving a Bentley car when he was arrested. He was also using a yacht berthed in Puerto Banus.

Originally from Basin Street in Dublin 8, Quinn got into trouble before he hit his late teens when he came under the schooling of his uncle.

Foley spotted the potential in the young Quinn, who was a successful boxer. He regularly brought him to bare-knuckle fights in the Dublin mountains where Quinn was said to pulverise opponents.

Quinn moved out to the Costa following the murder in 2008 of Paddy Doyle, who was once the mob’s top hitman himself.

He is believed to have been murdered after cash went missing and Christy Kinahan Snr ordered his death.

He was with Gary Hutch and Fat Freddie Thompson when their car was ambushed. Both Thompson and Hutch survived.

Months later, cops now believe that Quinn was charged with his first major hit for the mob when Kinahan ordered the murder of Fatso.

Mitchell was at a bar when he was ambushed, but witnesses said that shooter tripped and the gangster managed to get away.

The Kavanagh brothers were also targeted because of missing drugs money.

Hatchet was sitting in a bar in Marbella when he was shot dead, while months later his brother Paul was ambushed at his car.

Quinn is now facing 20 years in prison after he was brought before a Spanish court. 

He was arrested at Madrid airport last week trying to board a flight out of Spain.

In a follow-up operation cops raided Quinn’s luxury home, car and yacht and seized documents, cash and a gun.