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Cocaine-fuelled father knifed himself in the leg after trying to kill wife

Failed singer Dan Draghici
Failed singer Dan Draghici

A cocaine-fuelled father who tried to kill his wife, attacked his sister-in-law and threatened to take his own daughter’s life has been jailed for 20 years.

Dan Draghici was paranoid about his wife Elena and thought she was seeing something else, according to reports.

The failed international singer spoke about his fear to Elena’s sister before going to a nearby shop in Smethwick, UK, where he bought an arsenal of kitchen knives.

Later that evening he attacked Elena while her sister and the couple’s daughter were upstairs in the family home.

The sister heard the screams and jumped on Draghici’s back, allowing Elena to escape.

The drug fuelled brute tried to stab her but was disarmed by the woman, who then bent the knife, rendering it useless in the attack.

Draghici then ordered her to bring his wife back, threatening to kill his daughter if she didn’t.

In the meantime Elena had flagged down a passing taxi for help.

Later Draghici was found in his car with his terrified daughter having stabbed himself in the leg.

The 42-year-old habitual cocaine user tested positive for Columbian marching powder and alcohol when taken into custody.

He pleaded not guilty at Wolverhampton Crown Court on Wednesday, but was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to 20-years in prison.

Following the court hearing, Detective Inspector Jason McMahon said: “This has been a truly horrific time for Elena and her family who are trying to come to terms with what has happened to them.

“Elena sustained serious injuries during the assault which she is still recovering from, I hope that the sentence will be of some comfort to them and help them rebuild their lives.

“I would also like to thank the community, who gave crucial evidence at this trial which has undoubtedly assisted the jury reach their guilty verdict and offered tremendous support to Elena through this difficult time.

"The judge has told Draghici that he must serve at least two thirds of his sentence.”