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Cloverhill coughs up cash to send roof lag home with granny

Cloverhill roof
Cloverhill roof

A disruptive inmate who climbed onto the roof of Cloverhill prison to retrieve drugs has had part of his bail paid by The Irish Prison Service.

The inmate in question crawled through barbed wire to get to drugs that had been thrown up on to the roof of the prison, leading to a two-hour stand-off with authorities.

The prisoner-on-the-roof roared at staff to get his granny so she could bail him out of the west Dublin jail. 

After negotiations the lag was brought down on a hoist and his grandmother was located and brought to the jail.

But, it has since emerged that she did not have all the money needed for the €200 bail and the prison authorities dipped into its own kitty so that the troublesome prisoner could be released.

The Irish Prison Service would not comment on the incident; however jail sources said almost half the bail for the inmate was paid by the prison authorities.

"The guy's grandmother arrived with €104 and said it was all she had, but Cloverhill couldn't release him until all the money was paid," a source told The Herald. 

"The total bail was €200 so the authorities used a discretionary fund to make up the €96 difference. It doesn't happen often and it is only used in rare cases of hardship or exceptional circumstances.

"In the interests of getting the prisoner off the roof and restoring peace to the jail a decision was made to use the fund to chip in the rest of the bail," the source said.

In this case Cloverhill would be refunded its money and it would not be at a loss to the State - assuming the inmate appears in court.