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Claudine Keane reveals she was caught up in shooting incident in LA

Claudine Keane
Claudine Keane

Robbie Keane's wife has spoken of her terror when she was caught up in a gun drama in LA.

The model has told the Star how the shooting in San Bernadino this week caused deep worry for her about the safety of her son Robert at school.

She also spoke about how she was caught up in a shooting incident one year ago. 

Keane was on the famous Rodeo Drive in her adopted city when she heard a loud shot so she ran for cover to a nearby shop. She and three others were locked into the store by security for over an hour while police dealt with an incident outside.

Not knowing if it was a mass shooting Keane said that the situation was a 'nightmare' and that the hour they were locked inside 'felt like an eternity'.

After being let out Keane called her husband and spoke to her son over the phone before being escorted to the edge of the police cordon to meet her family.

It transpired that a bank robber had pulled a gun in a nearby hotel and exchanged gunfire with police, and that was what had caused the terrifying incident.

Keane says that she was 'so happy to drive away' afterwards and the events in California this week only reminded her that these sorts of problems don't go away, and won't until the gun laws in the US change.