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CCTV footage shows gunman on the run after Zambra murder

Gunman on the run
Gunman on the run

CCTV images released by gardai to RTE's Crimecall programme this week shows a masked gunman fleeing the scene after he shot gangster Christoper ‘Git’ Zambra eight times on Cooley Road, Drimnagh.

'Git' Zambra, a former Irish youth international soccer star and talented musician, was a significant player in gangland and was associated with 'Fat' Freddie Thompson and his gang. He was regarded as a major drug dealer and was under suspicion for ordering up to eight gangland murders.

The footage, which was released over a year after Zambra’s murder, shows the killer who is wearing a dark jacket, jeans, white runners and a balaclava.

Other images show the gunman firing at Zambra from a stolen Nissan Qashqai after the gangster was followed from his home at Galtymore Road in Drimnagh.

Zambra was shot at several times as he sat in his Audi car

He escaped through the passenger side and ran up the road four houses away from where he was parked.

Karl 'Git' Zambra 

He was struck by a bullet in the back. While he lay in the garden, two shots were fired into his face. He was shot a total of six times – four bullets in the back and two to the face.

As Zambra ran up the street, the Qashqai drove after him and a second gun was passed to the ski-masked assassin. The two guns were used in the slaying. The Glock 9mm and Smith and Wesson .38 were found in the Qashqai that was burnt-out a short distance away on Benmadigan Road. 

Gardai have also released footage of the getaway driver fleeing from Benmadigan Road, a short distance from the shooting after he torched the vehicle which had been stolen in Kildare some weeks earlier

Stolen Nissan Qashqai

Zambra was a key associate of the gang who organised the murder of Real IRA terror chief Alan Ryan and last year he sensationally walked free from court  after spending three years in jail on remand.

He had been cleared of the murder of drug trafficker John ‘Champagne’ Carroll following a retrial in the Central Criminal Court but is the prime suspect in ordering the slaying.

He walked free after a jury rejected the evidence of supergrass witness Joey ‘The Lips’ O’Brien.

It was the second time Zambra had gone on trial for the murder of Carroll, who was shot dead in Grumpy Jacks pub in the Coombe on February 18, 2009.

Zambra had known that his life was under threat because of the Carroll murder, which he is regarded as organising, and the fact he had an affair with the girlfriend of the jailed killer.