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CCTV footage from night of Eddie Hutch hit shows car fleeing

CCTV footage from night of Eddie Hutch hit shows car fleeing

THIS is the CCTV footage which Gardaí believe may show the four-man hit squad's car fleeing from the brutal revenge killing of Eddie Hutch Snr.

The older brother of crime boss Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch, was shot three times in the head during the horror attack at his home on Poplar Row in the north inner city at 7.45pm on Monday.

The targeting of taxi-driver Eddie – solely on the basis of his being Gerry Hutch’s brother – has heightened fears that family members of the feuding gangster are considered ‘fair game’.

South inner city councillor Mannix Flynn – who is running as an Independent in the forthcoming General Election – has exclusively revealed to the Sunday World that Dublin City Council has prepared a large number of safe houses in the city for the wives and children of feuding gangsters to be moved to.

The Sunday World obtained the footage of the car suspected of being used for Eddie Hutch’s murder on Friday – two days after Gardaí copied the same images for use by the investigation team.

The video shows the silver 3-Series BMW speeding up a north inner-city street in the wake of the killing, before turning on to St Patrick’s Parade, where it was found dumped a short time later.

The footage also shows squad cars and unmarked Garda cars swarming the area just minutes after the BMW is spotted on camera.

“The guards came down here after they found the car and then came back two days later to take a copy away on a USB,” the CCTV’s owner, who asked not to be identified for reasons of personal safety, told the Sunday World.

“They said they’d got what they were looking for on it.”

Crucially, the occupants of the car failed to burn out the vehicle after dumping it on St Patrick’s Parade, leaving Gardaí hopeful that DNA in the vehicle will identify the killers.

Eddie Hutch Snr was not involved in the feud and his savage murder has shocked Gardaí, who fear that other innocent relatives on either side could be next.

Councillor Flynn said that a plan has been put in place by Dublin City Council to relocate potential targets.

“There are a number of safe houses already in place for families of the people involved to be housed in located around the country – regardless of what side of the feud they are on,” he said.

“It is appropriate for Dublin City Council to protect those residents of our housing estates who believe their lives are in danger because of this feud. We are involved in the protection of all our tenants and the reality of the situation is our estates are at the heart of these feuds.

“Already we have residents petrified when they are taking their children to school because they know the families involved are taking their kids to these schools at the same time and they are targets.

“So moving these families out of those estates does help to de-escalate that sense of fear and those tensions.

“If the family of one of these gangsters like Freddie Thompson says they believe they are risk and the Gardaí verify that, then the vans will go in and they will be moved lock stock and barrel to a secure location – it will be door to door.”