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Cartel wants to “hit back” over fears that gang looks weak

Cartel wants to “hit back” over fears that gang looks weak

THE leader of the Kinahan cartel has been left outraged that recent attacks on the organised crime gang have made them look “weak”, and is determined to hit back “twice as hard”.

.Mob boss Daniel Kinahan, who is understood to be residing in the Middle East, now fears that the crime gang’s reputation has been tarnished after the most recent feud murder and a botched attempt on a Hutch associate.

It follows the failed attempt on the life of James ‘Mago’ Gately, a Hutch gang affiliate, and the murder of Michael Keogh, who is linked to members of the Kinahan cartel.

A source confirmed to the Herald that gang boss Daniel now wants the cartel to strike back, leading to fears of further attacks.

“He (Daniel) now fears that the cartel will look weak after failing to whack ‘Mago’, and the fact that the Hutch mob took out Michael Keogh.

“Kinahan wants his gang to strike back twice as hard and cops now fear there will be an escalation in violence in the already extremely violent feud,” the source said.

The most recent murder occurred on June 31, 2016, when Michael Keogh (37) was shot dead near Dorset Street in the north inner city.

The father-of-two was targeted in an underground car park in Sheridan Court.

He was not considered a major criminal but was said to have links to the so-called New INLA faction which has aligned themselves with the Kinahans.

Gardai believe the Hutch gang were keeping tabs on him through Facebook prior to the murder.

It is suspected that Mr Keogh was killed because one of his closest associates was involved in the feud murder of Gareth Hutch on May 24 last year.

It followed a number of botched attempts on the life of Hutch gang member James ‘Mago’ Gately, with the 30-yearold surviving a shooting in north Dublin last month.

Last week, gardai intercepted two men and recovered a firearm in Dublin’s north inner city. Detectives believe that the young criminals were working on behalf of the Kinahan cartel to target a member of the Hutch family.

Gardai were carrying out a routine traffic stop in the North Strand area when they became suspicious of a second vehicle in the area.

A follow-up search of a third car led to the recovery of a Walther pistol, a balaclava and a canister of petrol.

Two men were questioned but have since been released without charge.