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Cartel kingpins mainly abroad while Hutch associates stay in Dublin

Daniel Kinahan is believed to be based in the Middle East
Daniel Kinahan is believed to be based in the Middle East

Many of the main players in the capital's deadly gangland feud are now based abroad

The Kinahan cartel's number one target, Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch (53), has rarely been seen in Ireland since he was photographed at his slain brother Eddie's funeral in February.

The head of the Hutch crime family, 'The Monk' is believed to be based in Holland and is under active death threat in the feud that has claimed the lives of his brother, two nephews and best pal in the last year.

Ever since the feud started with the murder of Gary Hutch this time last year, the Hutch mob's chief target has been cartel kingpin Daniel Kinahan (39), the son of crimelord Christy (59).

Gardai believe that Daniel was the main target of the Regency Hotel gun attack, but he escaped injury in February's 'spectacular' shooting.

It is believed that Daniel is now based in Dubai with his father and younger brother, Christopher (36).

The Kinahans are suspected of restructuring their organisation and have moved assets from Spain to a free-trade zone in the United Arab Emirates known as Ras Al Khaimah.

Daniel Kinahan has not spent much time in Dublin since the funeral of his murdered close associate David Byrne (33) in February, but sources have revealed that apart from being in his Dubai base he has also made trips to Portugal and Birmingham in recent months.

Other cartel henchmen have spent more time in Ireland and these include first cousins Liam Byrne (35), 'Fat' Freddie Thompson (35), and Liam Roe (38), as well as convicted heroin trafficker Greg Lynch (32).

While Roe and Lynch have rarely left Dublin since the feud kicked-off, Thompson and Byrne have been dividing their time between Ireland, England and Spain.

All four gangsters have been the subject of surveillance and major garda operations in recent months which has included the arrests of Roe and Byrne for money- laundering offences linked to a massive Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) investigation which led to a large amount of jewellery, 29 cars, SUVs and six motorbikes being seized in raids in early March.

Other key members of the cartel - such as Ballyfermot criminal Kevin Lynch (48) and a notorious hitman-for-hire linked to a number of feud murders for the cartel - are currently based in Spain's Costa del Sol as the deadly feud continues.

While many cartel members are based abroad, most of Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch's associates are still based in their north inner city Dublin base.

These include convicted armed robber Keith Murtagh (32) and The Monk's nephews Ross (24) and Jonathan Hutch (37), as well as The Monk's brothers John (63) and Patrick Hutch (55).

Murtagh and Jonathan Hutch have both survived botched assassinations which resulted in the gun murders of completely innocent men as the cartel's attempts to wipe out the Hutch clan continues.