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Convicted criminal shot in Cabra 'a good man' says wife

David Douglas in hospital after his miracle escape
David Douglas in hospital after his miracle escape

The Chinese wife of a veteran drug dealer who miraculously survived after being shot at close range has vowed to stick by him, saying: “He’s a good man”.

Convicted criminal David Douglas (54), was targeted in a drive-by shooting 100 yards from his home on the Killala Road, Cabra, in Dublin last Sunday. 

He was out walking his dog when he was shot in the chest after a car pulled up beside him and a gunman open fired.

His wife Yumei Douglas (below) told the Sunday World that he has changed his criminal ways and is now a law-abiding citizen.

She also vowed to support Douglas, who previously had links to the PIRA, as he comes to terms with the attempted hit on his life. 

“I don’t care about whatever his history is, but he’s on the good way now. Since he is out [of prison] two years he didn’t do anything wrong,” Ms Douglas told the Sunday World. 

“He didn’t bother with anyone. He didn’t owe anybody money… he didn’t ask anybody for whatever. He has done nothing wrong.

“I know he has some background history, but that’s the past. Everybody wants to change. I’m still there, supporting him. I don’t want anything wrong. 

“I’m from China and if you try to do good, you will get a chance to make your life.

The pair first met 13 years ago when Yumei was working in a bar near David’s house. They married soon after meeting and have a daughter together. 

The couple currently run a retail business selling shoes in Dublin’s south inner city. 

Ms Douglas said that her husband is a “great seller” and they are just trying to make a living. 

“Since he met me he changed. I want back to normal because this is wrong. I try to save money, pay the bills and have a happy life. 

“He always keeps people happy, making jokes and the people love it. You can ask any locals around here, they love him. 

“It’s a happy life for me and him… he enjoys his life and he loves all of us and his family,” Ms Douglas added. 

Douglas suffered at least three gunshot wounds after a car pulled up alongside him at approximately 7.30pm last Sunday near his home in Cabra, north Dublin.

The gunman is thought to have fired from inside the car as it was driven by.

Neighbours raised the alarm and Douglas was rushed to the Mater Hospital, where he was treated for serious chest wounds.

He is currently receiving treatment in the city centre hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

Ms Douglas said she visits him every morning and that he is a “lucky man” who is “on the mend”. 

She said: “Thank God he is still alive, that’s all I can say. He’s okay at the moment.  [He will probably be] a few weeks in hospital… he will need another operation. He’s able to talk, sit up and he has tried to walk. He is a strong man… it’s just stressful.

In April 2008, Douglas and three other men were stopped in a taxi as part of a Garda operation in the Pearse Street area.

They had a bag containing eight kilos of cocaine – estimated to be worth more than €562,000. 

Douglas was sentenced to 10 years in prison with five suspended in connection with the seizure. 

It was considered to be one of the biggest busts of that year and sources have linked it to the notorious Kinahan cartel. 

Douglas also had a previous conviction for shooting with intent to kill a Garda during an armed robbery. 

The former Dublin Zoo keeper was handed a 12-year sentence at the Special Criminal Court in March 1983.