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Bungling burglar fell asleep during robbery, lost leap card and called cab home

Wayne Keogh
Wayne Keogh

A PRIME contender for Ireland’s dumbest criminal is under suspicion of breaking into a house during a training outing from prison, after his travel card was found at the crime scene.

Prolific burglar Wayne Keogh, from Brittas, Co. Dublin, has denied any involvement in the break-in in Dun Laoghaire last week and has claimed to prison officers he lost his Leap Card prior to the burglary having taken place.

But he only confessed the Leap Card was missing after gardaí made contact with the prison on finding it at the burglary site.

Keogh – a former charity worker with the Irish Cancer Society – is currently serving three years in Mountjoy Prison for false imprisonment and burglary for breaking into a young woman’s house and tying her up while he ransacked her home.

The 36-year-old was caught on that occasion after gardaí recognised his voice on a recording made when he called a taxi company for a car to take him away from the crime scene.

He is also serving time for an offence where he stole an Audi, broke into a Dublin golf club and fell asleep in a drug-induced stupor.

Keogh was found asleep on the floor of the golf shop with a black pair of underwear around his neck and a pair of socks in his hand. Gardaí believe he donned the socks and underwear in a bid to avoid leaving forensic evidence at the scene.

He was incarcerated in Mountjoy where he was placed in the training unit and placed on a day release programme to attend a course in Dun Laoghaire.

A source told the Sunday World: “A prison officer got a call last week from the Gardaí. They asked him why a Leap Card he had ordered was found at the scene of a burglary in Dun Laoghaire. After checking the number it was discovered it was a card issued to Keogh.

“At around this time Keogh was being taken out of the Training Unit because his urine test had come back testing positive for banned substances.

“When asked about the Leap Card, Keogh said he had lost it and had forgotten to report it lost.

“At the moment the Gardaí haven’t come back with any other evidence suggesting Keogh was at the scene and until they do he enjoys a presumption of innocence.”

Keogh’s most recent stint in prison came after Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard victim Claire Spillane was watching TV when she heard the front door open.

Keogh entered the room and demanded her phone.

Ms Spillane said that Keogh “seemed all over the place” as he searched the upstairs bedrooms and she got a strong smell of alcohol from him.

He told her to order him a taxi on her phone, but ended up making the call himself. He talked with Ms Spillane as he waited and told her a little about himself, she later said.

The father of one has 46 previous convictions.