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Violent bare-knuckle brawl in church car park slammed

'Consecrated': The fight has been criticised for being staged on the grounds of a church
'Consecrated': The fight has been criticised for being staged on the grounds of a church

A bare-knuckle brawl which was staged in the car park of a church has been slammed after it emerged on social media in recent days.

The shocking footage was uploaded to Facebook two days ago and has been shared hundreds of times since. 

In it two bare-chested brawlers grapple and trade blows in the car park of a church as onlookers egg them on. 

Its depravity was highlighted by members of the Travelling Community, who criticised the fact it was stage on 'consecrated' ground. 

"Travellers have traditionally seen church grounds as consecrated so to carry out an organised fight like this is really disgraceful," a source told the Irish Daily Star. 

"If they can't show respect to God, then who will they show respect for?

"The majority of Travellers would not be happy with the men fighting beside a church and would want to see them sent to jail for this"

In the clip the opponents, who seem to have some training in MMA tactics, grapple with each for three minutes and at times rain blows down on each other.

At one point one of the fighters sits atop his opponent before using his elbow and fists to repeatedly hit him in the face and head. 

Travellers' rights group Pavee Point described such fights as "completely unacceptable". 

"Nothing is off limits anymore and nothing is sacred," spokesperson Martin Collins told the Star. 

"I am extremely worried, not only by the level of violence and people getting injured, but also by the new depths of depravity in the name-calling, insults to young women, and even insults to the dead."