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Audrey tells killer hubbie to change or she will walk

Dave Mahon and Audry
Dave Mahon and Audry

AUDREY Fitzpatrick has issued her husband Dave Mahon with an ultimatum, saying: “Change or we’re finished – I do not want the old you.”

Friends of the controversial couple claim that the relationship is “on the rocks”, with Audrey threatening to leave Mahon unless he changes his ways.

Audrey continued to stand by her man following his conviction for killing her son earlier this year.

Her loyalty has led to criticism from relatives and trolling online.

But now a source has claimed that Audrey is no longer besotted with Mahon and has threatened to end the relationship once and for all, despite having stuck with him after he killed her only boy.

The Sunday World can today reveal that it was friends of Audrey’s slain son Dean – who Mahon knifed to death – that attacked him in a gym shower in Wheatfield prison several weeks ago, leaving him with a broken jaw.

Dean Fitzpatrick 

We can also disclose that Mahon is hoping his appeal against the ‘severity’ of his seven-year sentence for the manslaughter of Dean will lead to him being moved to a cushier open prison, such as Shelton Abbey.

We tracked Audrey down to her new home in Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim, where she lives with her two pet dogs.

A source has revealed she visited Mahon last week at Wheatfield, but insiders say he has been given an ultimatum that she won’t visit him again unless he “cleans up his act”.

This week, Audrey refused to speak about her relationship when asked by the Sunday World, saying: “No comment”.

“I don’t want to know, I’m sorry,” Audrey said when we asked to talk to her.

Audrey first hit the headlines when her daughter Amy (then aged 15), disappeared in Spain on January 1, 2008. She had been living with Audrey and Mahon and her brother Dean.

Amy Fitzpatrick 

Dean (23), was knifed to death by Mahon in Dublin in 2013.

Audrey has stood by Mahon even after he was convicted of him knifing her son to death, saying his actions had been “forgiven but not forgotten”.

Mahon has told fellow prison lags that Audrey has told him he must stop “belittling” her and “making jokes” about her or she would leave him.

“He’s told others in the jail that she’s now a changed woman and he must change too or else she will no longer have anything to do with him,” reveals an insider.

“She says she has no-one and that even on their wedding day it was only his side of the family  and she was miserable.”

After weeks avoiding leaving his cell and refusing to go into the yard because of fears of being attacked again, he has now ventured out as the inmates who beat him up have been moved to another jail.

“The prisoners who attacked Mahon in the gym were friends of Dean,” reveals a prison source.

“Two of them beat him up in the shower, while a third kept watch.

“Mahon told officers there that he had slipped in the shower, but they did not believe him.

“They found out from a few prisoners who was responsible and moved those lads, as they didn’t want Mahon sliced up next time, or worse.”

Mahon has now reverted  to mixing with other prisoners since their departure, and is back using the gym.

Despite constantly being seen with a walking stick during his trial, Mahon is now walking perfectly unaided around the prison.

“The only medical thing he now complains about in jail is a sore shoulder, although his face is still a bit sore since he was attacked,” said a source.

Dad-of-one Dean (23) was knifed to death three years ago by Mahon during a drunken rage at the Dublin apartment he shared with Audrey.