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Associate of gangland victim's brother issues chilling warning

Johnny Keogh
Johnny Keogh

AN associate of the brother of murdered Michael Keogh has vowed “there will be blood on the streets before he is in his grave”

In a chilling warning to families in the embattled north inner city, the Kinahan Cartel have vowed immediate revenge for the brother of INLA bomb maker Johnny Keogh, who has become a key ally of Daniel Kinahan.

Kinahan has ordered his foot soldiers in Dublin to attend the funeral and turn out in force in a show of strength on what he now sees as the battlefields of Dublin.

Keogh’s murder was prompted after individuals aligned to the Kinahans told the families of Hutch associates they were “fair game” – including an elderly couple who were forced to flee the country.

The pensioner couple’s son has links to Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch through boxing and has previously come to the attention of Gardaí – but is not regarded as a major organised criminal. 

However, his parents were forced to pack up and leave their home in recent weeks after being warned they were legitimate targets.   

It is believed the couple were just one of many innocent people with links to the Hutch gang who were issued with threats by the cartel. 

This weekend, tensions were at boiling point in Dublin’s north inner city as residents feared a further outbreak of shootings following the murder of New INLA-linked Keogh.


Despite ordering the chilling new wave of violence, it is understood that Daniel Kinahan (above) is too afraid to leave his luxury hotel in Dubai and only returns to Spain on fleeting and unannounced visits.

Every time he does he takes a selfie and posts it – but only when he is back to the safety of the United Arab Emirates.

Sunday World sources say the threats against the elderly parents and families of those associated with the Hutch faction was the final straw and prompted the murder of Michael Keogh this week.

INLA bomb maker Johnny Keogh has blamed associates of James ‘Mago’ Gately for Michael’s murder, saying they killed his brother because they couldn’t get to him.

He believes Michael (below) was murdered in retaliation for a botched assassination attempt on Gately at a petrol station near Dublin Airport three weeks ago, which Gardaí believe was carried out by an INLA hit team.

Gately was only released from hospital this week, before Michael Keogh was shot dead in an underground car park off Dorset Street in Dublin.

A series of raids carried out in the north inner city after the shooting have targeted known associates of the Hutch faction.

Gardaí fear that the shooting – the first attack by the Hutch faction since the Regency Hotel murder of David Byrne – is going to unleash fresh bloodshed on the streets of Dublin.

There have been increased tensions in the past few months and a spate of cars burned out in an effort to bring would-be targets on to the streets. Last week a friend of Gately had his car burned out in the Coolock area.

On Thursday morning, Gardaí discovered a burnt-out car in the Clonliffe  area and immediately suspected that there was another gangland killing in the city. Shortly before 10am Keogh was discovered in his Volkswagen Golf car.

The 37-year-old dad of two was said to be close to younger brother Johnny, who is currently hiding out in the U.K.


Keogh has become the de-facto top lieutenant of Daniel Kinahan since the cartel boss found himself isolated after almost two years of bloodshed with his former friends.

Kinahan has fallen out with former pal Liam Byrne, his one-time top enforcer Paul Rice and senior lieutenants including Greg Lynch and Ross Browning are also said to have distanced themselves.

Gary Finnegan, Kinahan’s top man in Dublin’s north inner city, is spending the majority of his time in Holland.

The desperate cartel kingpin is spending more and more time in Dubai and only returns to Spain to speak with associates.

He is so paranoid he tells nobody he is travelling and gives no details of his arrival time.

He has provided encrypted blackberry phones to a select few associates, which now include Keogh – a north inner city thug who has run with a group of INLA extortionists for years and who was once arrested with ‘Red’ Gar Byrne at a bomb making factory.

He heads up a gunmen-for-hire outfit suspected of involvement in the murders of Eddie Hutch, Michael Barr, Noel Duggan and Gareth Hutch.

He is wanted himself for questioning in relation to the assassination of Hutch at Avondale House last May and about his whereabouts when Barr was shot dead at the Sunset House.

In the last month Keogh has become increasingly paranoid about ‘Mago’ Gately and has claimed that he was making enquiries about his whereabouts.

That sparked the drive-by attempt on his life in a north Dublin petrol station. Gately remains one of the cartel’s top three targets, along with the Monk and his brother Patsy.

The mob accused Gately through their own internal investigation of being one of three ‘ERU’ gunmen involved in the Regency Hotel.