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Armed thug stops mid-heist to pet friendly dog

Armed thug stops mid-heist to pet friendly dog

AN armed robber stopped in mid-heist to give a friendly dog and affectionate scratch behind the ear.

The bizarre moment came as a machete wielding thug terrorised staff and customers in a pub.

A second raider was also armed with a pool cue locking everyone inside after searching the premises for cash at the Strawberry Duck pub in Manchester.

One woman was forced to open the tills by a robber wearing a balaclava and hood, while the other was led away in search of more money by his accomplice.

The robbers ordered everyone into the pub’s cabaret room and restrained them using cable ties as one radier went in search of more cash.

In a bizarre moment, a dog wandered into the room where his master was being held captive trotted up to the robber armed with a pool cue with its tail wagging.

He briefly dropped his guard to give the pet an affectionate stroke and scratch it behind the ears before jumping back to attention.

After 15 minutes of terror, the two robbers left the pub with a bag of cash and ran off  towards Manchester city centre.

Police have released CCTV footage of the robbery in the hope of identifying the offenders four weeks after the assault.