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83% of Irish people want longer sentences for violent criminals

Ciara Killeen
Ciara Killeen

Irish people have had enough of ‘slap on the wrist’ sentencing according to a survey carried out by polling company Ireland Thinks.

The Irish Daily Mail reports that 83 per cent of the 1,200 people surveyed wanted violent thugs locked up for longer.

The research shows that 91 per cent of people aged over 65 were in favour of longer sentences, while 93 per cent of those aged between 45-54, wanted more jail time for violent offenders.

The majority of people aged 18-24 wanted longer sentences, with 72 per cent in favour of increased prison terms.

In Ireland someone caught with more than €13,000 worth of drugs faces a mandatory 10-year-sentence, however there are no such guidelines for violent assaults, domestic violence or sex attacks.

No jail for gangster's moll who glassed mum-of-five in the face 

A WOMAN who was glassed in a nightclub by the former partner of murderer John Dundon has criticised the suspended sentence handed down to her attacker.

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No jail for man involved in city centre brawl involving hammer and iron bar


A young man with no previous criminal record has been given a suspended sentence for taking part in a violent late night city centre brawl.

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Ex bank worker avoids jail for second time over vicious glass attack


A former bank worker spared jail for a night-club glass assault, which permanently blinded a medical student in one eye, has been spared jail for a second time by the Court of Appeal.

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Man who smashed up well-known Dublin pub and attacked barman avoids jail

A man who smashed up a pub and attacked a barman after the victim confronted him over stealing his bike has received a suspended jail sentence.

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Serial rapist who has been jailed six times for sexual offences over the last 25 years gets 18 months for sexual assault of woman on DART


A rapist described as posing an indefinite danger to women has been jailed for 18 months for the sexual assault of a woman on a train.

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No jail for “Affable chap” who  robbed man and beat him so badly he couldn’t eat solid food

An “affable chap” spared jail for assaulting a man he wronlgy believed had struck a woman, has been spared jail a second time despite an appeal by prosecutors.

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Child snatcher with 92 previous convictions has prison sentence cut on appeal


A man jailed for falsely imprisoning an 11-year-old girl he "lifted" from a green area next to her home has had his 13 year jail term reduced to 11 on appeal.

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