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16 people a day breaking bail conditions in Ireland

16 people a day breaking bail conditions in Ireland

A report in today’s Irish Mirror claims that more than 16 people a day are being prosecuted for breaking their bail conditions.

2,567 individuals have been arrested for breaching the terms of their release while awaiting trial.

This is an increase of 55% compared with 2015.

A total of 13,622 criminals have been prosecuted for breaching bail since 2013.

The offences range from breaking curfew to intimidating witnesses.

Last month figures from the CSO revealed nearly 25,700 criminals committed crimes while on bail in 2015 - an 11% jump on the previous year.

This included seven homicides, 16 kidnappings and 29 serious sexual offences.

Over 250,000 crimes have been committed by crims on bail since 2006.

These striking figures have prompted calls to reform.

Independent Galway TD Noel Grealish last week called for a Bill amending the bail laws to be pushed forward.