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Woman with tattooed eyeballs nabbed on kidnapping and robbery charges

Morgan Joyce Varn
Morgan Joyce Varn

The internet has taken an interest in the unusual eyeballs of Morgan Joyce Varn after her mugshot was posted on Facebook by Lancaster Sheriff’s Office from South Carolina, US.

The 24-year-old was picked up by officers on charges relating to property damage, armed robbery and kidnapping.

According to the cops she was taken into custody along with 23-year-old Jonathon Mikael Robinson, after allegedly robbing a man’s phone and cash after inviting him into her house.

According to reports the couple refused to leave the house and threatened to shoot people inside.


However, people online are far more interested in her coloured-in eyeballs, with one social media user writing: “I wonder will they let her pay her bail with the souls of her enemies,” while another remarked “She looks like she kills her male after sex.”

Varn hit the local headlines in 2015 after police officers helped her give birth after her water broke before she could get to the hospital.

Both Varn and Robinson remain in jail without bond.