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Woman nabbed drunk driving while breastfeeding

Cateria Thomas
Cateria Thomas

A mum of four has been arrested after she was found to have been breastfeeding her two-month-old child while driving drunk.

According to sheriffs from Volusia County, Florida, US, 33-year-old Cateria Thomas was pulled over by officers for having an unrestrained child in her vehicle.

When deputies approached the car they found Thomas was breastfeeding her baby while three other children sat in the vehicle.

Officers noticed that Thomas smelled of alcohol and that there was a full can of petrol on the passenger seat.

After refusing a breathalyser test, Thomas was then administered a sobriety test, which she failed.

The woman then said that she had not been drinking, but admitted to eating “four hamburgers with whiskey on them.”

Cateria Thomas was arrested on numerous counts, including driving under the influence, having an invalid license, and child endangerment.

The Florida Department of Children and Families issued a statement saying:

“We are very concerned about this incident. This is very alarming that you would have someone trying to breastfeed their child while driving and especially while driving drunk. Seldom, do we see this type of incident taking place. The safety of our children is our top concern.”

Thomas is currently still in custody and the department of Children and Families has been notified.