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Woman left baby strapped upside down in buggy in park overnight


A woman has been locked up for a year for leaving a baby strapped into a pram in a park for seven hours overnight in the UK.

The Mirror reports on Julie Gill (44) who was supposed to be looking after the tot in Blackpool but instead she went drinking in the seaside town.

The baby was found on July 24 this year face down in the park strapped to the buggy at 7.30am by a man out walking his dog.

The tiny girl was found without a coat, shoes or blanket and had a dirty nappy, leading the judge in the case to suggest the child could have died during the incident.

During the case the court heard how Gill had been drinking vodka at home before going to meet a friend in a pub and she left a club, with the baby in a pram, at around midnight.

She was then spotted at 4am, when she woke up a neighbour by shouting she had lost her keys. At this stage there was no sign of the baby, which was recovered later that morning in the park.

When the cops went to her home Gill claimed she had been attacked, that she had no memory after leaving the pub and that another woman was looking after the baby.

During the case, Judge Robert Altham said: “She had been alone, abandoned in an upturned pram with her face in the dirt. She could have been attacked by a dog or a fox, she could have been abducted. She could have found, because of the position she was in, difficulty breathing. She could have died.”

Gill pleaded guilty to child cruelty and the judge handed her a 12-month sentence.