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Woman laughed as she filmed another woman being sexually assaulted

Alyshia Newton (left) and Victor Chokor
Alyshia Newton (left) and Victor Chokor

A woman who filmed a man sexually assaulting another woman while laughing in the background has been jailed.

Alyshia Newton, 26, was arrested by Norfolk Police's rape investigation unit after a victim reported suspicions that she had been attacked while unconscious.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had gone to the home of Victor Chokor, 36, in Norwich and later woke up after passing out with no recollection what had happened, the force said.

Officers later discovered video footage on Newton's mobile phone showing the woman being assaulted by Chokor.

The sickening footage featured a woman giggling in the background.

Detective Constable Paul White, of Norfolk Constabulary's Rape Investigation Unit, said: "The victim woke up, after passing out on a sofa, with no knowledge the offence had taken place.

"It was only days later when she saw the footage that she realised what had happened to her.

"The footage was extremely disturbing and it is shocking another woman would find such an incident amusing and take the time to record it on a mobile phone.

"Given the circumstances, it was a difficult decision for the victim to come forward to police and we would like to commend the courage she has shown."

Newton, of Friends Road, and Chokor, of Balfour Street, both Norwich, admitted sexual assault at Norwich Crown Court, Norfolk Police said. Chokor also admitted possession of extreme images.

Newton was jailed for 32 months on Wednesday while Choker will serve 27 months. Both have been placed on the sex offenders register.