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Woman jailed for having too much loud sex is back in court

Gemma Wale
Gemma Wale

A woman who was jailed earlier this year for causing so much noise pollution it was making her neighbours’ lives a misery, has appeared before a court again.

22-year-old Gemma Wale was locked up for two-weeks in June of this year for her loud sex and non-stop noise making. 

Wale, from Birmingham, UK, was jailed for breaking her ASBO by "screaming and shouting whilst having sex" at a "level of noise" which annoyed a neighbour.

Reports indicate that Wale screamed and roared so much during sex that the whole estate would be woken up.

Gemma Wale (Pic: Facebook)

"She was unbelievable. You could hear her screaming and moaning from the other side of the road” said a neighbour.

"I complained about her several times but nothing came of it for ages.

"It didn't matter what time of day it was, she'd be at it all the time."

Another neighbour told the Birmingham Mail that:

"It was the worst two years of my life.

"All the neighbours banded together to get her out.

"I lost count of the number of times I had to knock on her door at 3, 4, 5 o'clock in the morning.

"We complained to the police, social services and the council.”

Now, just two months since her last court appearance, Birmingham Magistrates' Court has fined Wale £150 for bombarding nearby resident Ghazala Bibi with "noise pollution", including banging doors, throwing objects, arguing and shouting.

The noisy neighbour was also handed a restraining order banning her from contacting Mrs Bibi and told to pay £200 in costs after admitting a charge of harassment.

Passing sentence, chairman of the bench Barbara Garbett told the mum-of-two:

"Your conduct has had a detrimental effect on the complainant and her family."

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