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Woman 'high on coke and crystal meth tried to eat friend's face and savage boyfriend'

Lindie Stewart (Pic: Police/Daily Mirror)
Lindie Stewart (Pic: Police/Daily Mirror)

A woman allegedly attempted to eat her friend's face before taking chunks out of her boyfriend's chest and armpit with her teeth in a drug-fuelled frenzy.

Lindie Stewart was reported to be after taking both cocaine and crystal meth when she embarked on a biting rampage.

The 37-year-old first attempted to bite her friend's face, according to the Daily Mirror.

She then savaged her boyfriend in both the chest and armpit before trying to maul an officer's face as he arrested her.

When police arrived at the scene in New York state, they found Stewart's friend Michael Maricle holding the woman down as he bled from a facial wound.

Rocky Rouse, boyfriend of Stewart, told police that he had received a bite to the neck from his girlfriend before she tried to "eat my face and chin".

Rouse told officers in a statement: "While I was holding Lindie, she began biting me in the centre of my chest and my armpit which caused me to experience pain and discomfort.

"Lindie was yelling that she loved me and she won’t let them do this to me. She also said she is taking Alice to the Moon and that she would kill. She also kept saying lol lol lol."

He further stated that his girlfriend went for an officer's face with her gnashers as she was arrested.

Officers believe that the woman's rampage was fuelled by having taken a combination of dangerous substances, namely cocaine and crystal meth, reports the Times of Wayne County.

Stewart was remanded to jail on two counts of assault.