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Woman drugs man then snips off his penis with scissors

Liu running to the alleyway  (Credit: People's Daily Online)
Liu running to the alleyway (Credit: People's Daily Online)

A man’s penis was allegedly cut off by his mistress after she drugged him with a sleeping pill in a hotel in Hangzhou, eastern China.

People's Daily Online reports that the man was spotted running from the hotel with blood running down his thighs at 2pm on the 13th of September.

The man, who is thought to be in his 50s and named Liu, has since received medical treatment and remains in hospital.

His alleged attacker,believed to be a woman named Zhang, remains at large.

The two had allegedly been engaged in an affair for a number of years even though Liu was married with children.

Reports indicate that on the day in question Lie was allegedly given a sleeping pill by Zhang.

“At the time I slept liked I was dead,” he said.

He awoke in intense pain and looked down to find his penis had been chopped off.

Credit: People's Daily Online

Liu admitted that he had met someone else and that Zhang had become insecure.

Witnesses saw Liu running out of the hotel in his boxers while trying to make a phone call.

He then ran back into the hotel.

Subsequent reports claim that Liu had gone to the alley to find the rest of his penis.

Later, Liu was seen hailing a taxi, which took him to hospital.

The hotel’s CCTV caught a woman, believed to be Zhang, fleeing the scene holding a weapon.

The attacker remains at large.