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Woman admits killing her children after husband files for divorce

Brandi Worley with her children Tyler and Charlie
Brandi Worley with her children Tyler and Charlie

A woman has admitted to killing her two young children before stabbing herself in the neck after her husband filed for divorce.

According to police reports Brandi Worley (3) from Indiana, US, called 911 and calmly confessed to the killings.

‘I just stabbed myself and killed my two children,’ she allegedly told the operator.

Investigators found her two children, seven-year-old Tyler and three-year-old Charlie, dead in the bathroom.

According to reports on Fox59 there is no information as to how they died.

Police described Brandi as ‘matter of fact’ when confessing to the killings.

According to reports the couple filed for divorce a day before the incident.

According to the sheriff, the children’s father, Jason Worley, was asleep in the basement, unaware of what was happening in the home.

“I can’t imagine the pain or the grief that these families are feeling,” Montgomery County Sheriff Mark Casteel said during a news conference.

“Please keep these families in your thoughts and prayers.”