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Woman accused of helping cannibal stepbrother murder parents released

Acosta told police he ate a part of his stepfather's flesh after the killings
Acosta told police he ate a part of his stepfather's flesh after the killings

A woman who was accused of helping her cannibal stepbrother clean up after her parents' murder has been released by authorities.

Karen Klein's brother, Leandro Yamil Acosta (25), was arrested by police and admitted to shooting his stepfather Ricardo Ignacio Klein (54) and mother Miryam Esther Kowalczuk (52) at their home in Argentina. 

Ms Klein was released without charge after being arrested along with her brother, who is said to have shot his stepfather in the head and then shot his mother after she returned from a school run. 

Mr Acosta, who has also admitted having sex with the dead bodies and eating part of his stepfather’s flesh, then burned the corpses and fed the remains to the family’s dogs at their home in Pilar, in the province of Buenos Aires.

His stepsister said she had been asleep at the time of the murders, and only awoke when Acosta was attempting to clean up the scene. She told police she feared her brother would kill her if she didn't comply. 

After being cleared of any charges, Ms Klein said: “I did not kill. I have a clear conscience.”

“My only mistake was not having denounced and I did not because [Acosta] was going to kill me and my brothers.”

Acosta admitted the killings to police and told them he ate part of his stepfather's flesh after having sex with the dead bodies. 

According to Acosta’s lawyer, he killed them because Mr Klein had abused him and his 11-year-old siblings.

Some body parts were found outside on the terrace of the home in paint pots, it was reported, and other parts are believed to have been taken to a local waste site.

Police also recovered $10,000 in cash they believed belonged to the victims, as well as a 9mm revolver, a rifle, a machete, three hatchets, two shovels and a pitchfork.