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Well-wishers attend lavish wedding of John Gotti’s grandson

Well-wishers attend lavish wedding of John Gotti’s grandson

In a scene straight out of ‘The Godfather’, well-wishers attending the lavish wedding of John Gotti’s grandson were shaken down for minimum gifts of $5,000 and gangsters had to stagger their appearances to avoid unlawful contact with fellow criminals.

At John Agnello’s wedding last weekend guetst were “asked” to deposit their envelopes in an “elegant birdcage” by the door.

With about 500 people attending the event at the swanky Oheka Castle on Long Island, the former ‘Growing Up Gotti’ star and bride Alina Sanchez raked in $2.5 million.

That haul puts to shame the $350,000 that Agnello’s uncle, mob scion John ‘Junior’ Gotti, pocketed at his lavish, $1,000-a-plate wedding reception at the Helmsley Palace in 1990.

Sources said Agnello and Sanchez’s around-the-clock wedding began at 5 p.m. Friday and lasted until 1 p.m. Saturday, and included a multi-course meal at midnight and breakfast at 7 a.m.

The lengthy bash allowed certain guests to come and go at intervals, much like Vanity Fair’s annual Oscar party.

But unlike the mag’s tiered invites to A-listers and wannabes, legal considerations drove the timing at the Oheka Castle, where politically connected owner Peter Melius was shot in the face during a still-unsolved ambush last year.

“Felons can’t consort together,” one source said.

“You have to stagger the felons. That’s standard mob procedure.”

Sources also said there was “enough security to guard an army.”