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Video: Scary footage of Indian shopkeeper being attacked with a sword

The shocking attack in Mumbai, caught on the shop's CCTV
The shocking attack in Mumbai, caught on the shop's CCTV

A shopkeeper in Mumbai was lucky to escape with his life after he was attacked by a sword-wielding member of a criminal gang.

Rajnish Singh Thakur was sitting in his shop dealing with a customer when a man ran in and attacked him with a huge sword.

Only for the quick thinking of the customer, who managed to bundle the attacker out of the shop, Rajnish would surely have suffered very serious injuries.

As it is, the 36-year-old is in hospital with injuries to his neck, hand and wrist.

The attack was carried out by a gang who are angry at Ranjish for organising local businesses to stand up to an extortion racket in that area of Mumbai.

There had been other attempts to intimidate Ranjish but this was by far the most serious.

The man responsible for the attack, Akram Shaikh, was held by other shopkeepers until the police arrived and three accomplices, sitting in a car outside, were also arrested, according to NDTV.

Shaikh has been charged with attempted murder and being armed with a deadly weapon and will appear in court, along with the others arrested, tomorrow.