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Video: Incredible footage of a pickpocket in action

The devious pickpocket in action
The devious pickpocket in action

The West Midlands Police force in the UK have posted this footage as a warning to people to be aware of their bags at all times.

You might think that you are careful, or that you would never get pickpocketed but this video shows just how easy it is for a skilled operator to relieve you of your possessions.

The woman in the pink tracksuit is able to stealthily dip her hands into handbags and backpacks, with a little help from a male companion who helps by ever so slightly distracting the victims.

The woman tries to rob five people in aabout 10 minutes before store security eventually spot her and detain her.

This footage was taken in April 2011 and both criminals involved received 16 months behind bars for their actions.