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Man arrested in hunt for sex attacker caught on film

Screen grabs from the terrifying attack
Screen grabs from the terrifying attack

Police in California have found the man who followed a 13-year-old girl home, forced his way into her home and tried to assault her before she fought him off.

UPDATE: 09/05/15

Police in San Jose have arrested Mohammad Khaliqi (below) after searching for the man who can be clearly seen in the below video attempting to sexually assault a teenage girl in her home.

The disturbing footage, captured on CCTV, clearly shows the chain of events, which unfolded in San Jose, California earlier this week.

Police say that the attacker tried to sexually assault the girl, who can be seen pushing the would-be attacker away as well as striking him in the face.

The man then hovers near the door in front of the clearly terrified child before he flees the scene.

ABC News quotes San Jose Police Sgt. Enrique Garcia: "The guy starts a conversation with her and when she opens up the door, the suspect pushes her in, tries to sexually assault her as well. The little girl is brave, she fights back, and the guy leaves on foot. He's not concerned about being caught, since he's doing this in broad daylight."

The same man is also suspected of carrying out another attempted assault on a women in a public toilet last month.