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Three men jailed after flinging drugs package over prison wall

The drugs package that was flung over the wall by the men
The drugs package that was flung over the wall by the men

Three men have been jailed after throwing drugs into a prison.

Paul Ford, 44, Karl Griffiths, 33, and Christian Nicholas, 29, were spotted acting suspiciously outside HMP Parc near Bridgend, South Wales, last month.

South Wales Police said Ford was stopped by plain-clothes officers while sat in a Fiesta outside the prison, while accomplices Griffiths and Nicholas were arrested on foot nearby.

Inquiries with the prison later revealed a package containing legal highs had been thrown over the wall.

Paul Ford

The package was wrapped in duct tape with fish hooks attached to help inmates recover it and when Nicholas was stopped by officers, a matching fish hook was found stuck in his jumper.

Last week at Cardiff Crown Court, Ford, of Llanelli, was sentenced to nine months' custody while Swansea pair Griffiths and Nicholas both received 12-month jail terms.

The trio's convictions follow a similar case last month which saw 35-year-old Anthony Mais, of Barry, jailed for 16 months after throwing mobile phones, chargers, legal highs and steroids into the prison.

Detective Richard Weber said South Wales Police and HMP Parc worked closely together to stop contraband getting into the hands of prisoners.

Christian Nicholas

He said: "Offences such as this are carefully planned in advance. As a result of our proactive patrols we were able to catch the individuals in the act.

"Legal highs and drugs have the potential to cause enormous harm both inside the establishment and beyond its walls.

"These sentences prove no-one is untouchable and serve as a clear and strong message to others engaging in this type of activity that you will be caught. "

Karl Griffiths

Mr Weber said future sentences for offences such as these were likely to get tougher when the new Psychoactive Substances Act comes into effect later in the year.

He added: "Those caught producing or supplying such drugs or throwing items into prison will face a maximum prison sentence of seven years."