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Three men deny 'joint enterprise' sex assault on schoolgirl

Mohammed Alfrouh
Mohammed Alfrouh

A schoolgirl was sexually assaulted by three men in a park in the UK moments after her friend was also molested by one of the attackers, a court heard.

One of the defendants, all of whom have Arabic interpreters in court, had typed into Google Translate "I am interested in you" and shown it to one of the 14-year-olds before the attack in Leazes Park, Newcastle, a jury heard.

Two of the defendants took selfies with the girls before the alleged sex attacks occurred on May 10, Newcastle Crown Court heard.

Mohammed Alfrouh, 20, of no fixed address, is accused of kissing one of the 14-year-olds against her will, the day before, in the same park.

He is also charged with kissing her by a tree and trying to put his hands down her trousers while undressing himself the following day.

Alfrouh is charged with then sexually assaulting her friend behind a pavilion in the park.

Mohammed Allakkoud

This second schoolgirl was being kissed and groped by Omar Badreddin, 18, of Ryal Walk, Kenton Bar, Newcastle, at the time the prosecution alleged.

And this second girl said Mohammed Allakkoud, 18, of Tamworth Road, Newcastle, held her mouth and nose while the two others carried out the attack.

Alfrouh denies three counts of sexual assault, and Badreddin and Allakkoud deny the single charge of sexual assault that they face.

Lee Fish, prosecuting, said: "They were all in it together.

"It's what lawyers refer to as a joint enterprise."

The prosecution said the schoolgirls and the men only met for the first time on the afternoon of May 9.

Mr Fish said Badreddin "made it clear he was attracted to" the second schoolgirl the following day "when he typed into a mobile telephone the words 'I am interested in you'.

"This was typed, the evidence will suggest, into Google Translate.

"That's how Mr Badreddin communicated that information to (the girl).

"Mr Badreddin also took a number of selfies."

Mr Fish said it was clear in the photos that the victims looked under-age, and this was important because it may be claimed by the defence that the men thought they were over 18.

"The prosecution say that is obviously not correct," he said.

Omar Badreddin

Alfrouh also took a batch of selfies, Mr Fish said, and in one of them the first girl he allegedly attacked was wearing his sunglasses.

"Once again, the prosecution say that these selfies demonstrate that Mr Alfrouh was clearly interested in (this girl)."

Mr Fish said that, after the attack, Badreddin apologised to the girl who was grabbed by the three men, "obviously appreciating the seriousness of what had just happened".

The girls found each other at a city centre bus stop after being separated and were comforted by a stranger, the court heard.

After the men were arrested, Badreddin told police the girl "came on to him", that she forced him to kiss and touch her, and that he thought she was over 18.

Alfrouh told officers he kissed both girls but that was all he did, while Allakkoud disputed being involved at all, Mr Fish said.

After the jury was sworn in, Judge Edward Bindloss told the panel members they should not hold it against the defendants that they were using interpreters.

He said: "If you were on trial in a foreign language, you would want an interpreter."

The girl who was allegedly attacked by all three men said she and her friend were approached when they were in the play area.

In a recorded interview she told a detective: "I was a bit scared."

Under cross-examination she said another male in the group, who is not on trial, began pushing her on a swing.

She agreed that he was flirting with her.