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Three Indian cops accused of raping model in police station

Mumbai is the scene of shocking allegations against members of the police force
Mumbai is the scene of shocking allegations against members of the police force

Police officers in Mumbai have been accused of subjecting a woman to an horrific ordeal, in cluding rape and kidnap, in a police station in the city earlier this month.

The New York Post is reporting that three officers were arrested on rape and sexual harassment charges this week in relation to the attack.

Three more officers, including a female officer, have been charged with extortion after it is alleged they forced the woman to pay them a ransom before they released her.

The victim alleges that after she left a film audition in a hotel in the city April 3, three police men approached her to question her about a prostitution ring. They then ordered her to come with them down to the station or face arrest.

Once there, she was held her overnight where officers took turns to rape her.

The next morning they refused to relase her until she paid them 500,000 Rupees (€7,250). The victim called her boyfriend who paid up some of the money so it is alleged officers took her jewellery to make up the shortfall.

Deputy commissioner Dhananjay Kulkarni has spoken to AFP about the case: "The investigations are being done meticulously considering the involvement of police and nature of the crime. 

"Right now, the allegations of extortion seem genuine, but the matter of sexual assault cannot be confirmed at this moment."

"They [the policemen] had no business to be there outside the hotel", he added.