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Thief stole wedding ring from man whose wife passed nine weeks previously

This man was pictured leaving the home from which the items were taken
This man was pictured leaving the home from which the items were taken

A vicar has appealed for help online by posting a picture of a man he found in his home shortly before discovering his late wife's jewellery was missing.

Reverend Simon Harvey said he was devastated after realising rings belonging to his wife Jennifer, who died nine weeks ago, had been taken from their home in the London borough of Islington.

Mr Harvey, a vicar at St Mary's Church, managed to take a picture of the man during the incident on Wednesday before following him onto Upper Street.

Alongside the image on Twitter, which has since been retweeted hundreds of times, he wrote: "I found this man in my house yesterday. Can you help find my late wife's stolen jewellery? Contact police on 101."

He later added: "Thank you for amazing response! Please join me in praying for the man who stole my wife's jewellery. Light needs to come into this darkness."

Despite his hurt at the loss of the rings, which he said were of great sentimental value, the vicar said he is willing to meet with the thief to "help him find some redemption".

Mr Harvey said: "Since Jennifer died nine weeks ago, my sons and I have been touched by all the prayers and support for our family. We are unimaginably saddened that Jennifer should die so unexpectedly and we know that many, many people will be sharing our sorrow.

"When I noticed Jennifer's jewellery had been stolen, I was completely devastated and heartbroken. The rings which were taken included the first piece of jewellery that I gave her when we were teenagers, her engagement ring, wedding ring and eternity ring.

"I would like to appeal to anyone who knows the man in the picture to come forward, so that her possessions can be returned to her family. If he is willing, I would like to meet with him to explain how hurtful it is to lose these precious things that I thought I'd keep forever. But I would also like to help him find some redemption, so that in all this sadness and grief, there can be light in the dark."

Police said the man, who was wearing dark trousers and a grey top with black and white stripes, is described as white, 5ft 9in tall, of medium build, with short, dark brown hair and facial stubble.

They appealed for anyone with information to contact them.