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Teen sexually abused as a child may pose danger, court hears

Teen sexually abused as a child may pose danger, court hears

A teenager who was sexually abused as a child is confused and unstable and might pose a danger to himself and others, a specialist has told a family court judge.

The boy, now 16, spent nights at the home of a relative who had a series of convictions for sexually abusing young boys, Recorder Carly Henley heard.

He said he had been sexually assaulted by a friend of that relative from the age of seven.

He also said he had been sexually assaulted by another "family friend". He told police he was raped and abuse was recorded on a mobile phone.

Ms Henley was told that one person had been convicted and another arrested.

Detail emerged in a ruling by the judge following a family court hearing in Preston.

The judge said she had been asked to make decisions about where the boy should live. She concluded that he should no longer be looked after by his parents but taken into local authority care.

No-one involved has been identified but the judge said social services bosses at Blackpool Borough Council had responsibility for the teenager's welfare.

Ms Henley said specialist Gary Ramsden had carried out a psychological assessment of the teenager and recommended psychotherapy sessions.

"(Mr Ramsden) concludes, '(The boy's) inconsistent, neglectful and abusive environment has facilitated the development of a confused and emotionally unstable adolescent'," said the judge in her ruling.

"(He adds), 'In my opinion (he) will benefit from 20-26 sessions of weekly psychotherapy by a suitably qualified therapist. Without such intervention (he) is likely to ... have significant mood state shifts, have an unclear sexual identity and relationship template, and be at risk of depression and self harm. He is also at risk of physically harming others, although this would be more likely to be non-sexual than sexual.'"