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Teen mum who broke her baby’s legs is “too ignorant” to jail

Crime WorldBy Morgan Flanagan Creagh
Teen mum who broke her baby’s legs is “too ignorant” to jail

A judge in the UK decided that a teen mum who broke both her baby girl’s legs, was too young and “ignorant” to jail.

The court heard that the 17-year-old Latvian girl also broke her four-month-old daughter’s arm with rough handling.

The teen said she twisted the girl’s arm while dressing her and had been “exercising” the girl’s legs.

Recorder Kevin Hegarty QC said: "A baby is quite defenceless and has to rely on its mother and father to look after and protect it.

"You, who had principal care of the baby, through ignorance, through naivety, and perhaps with also a degree of selfishness, when dealing with the baby, it suffered a number of fractures.

"But I am prepared to accept that due to your very young age and lack of experience you were unaware and ignorant as to how easily a small baby could be hurt."

The girl admitted to causing harm and received a year supervision and 150 hours’ work.

Her 21-year-old boyfriend was given the same sentence for allowing the harm to be carried out.