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Stroke turned elderly man into a sex pest with no inhibitions

Stroke turned elderly man into a sex pest with no inhibitions

A man who’s brain was permanently damaged by a stoke assaulted and harassed women and girls in his local town.

74-year-old Michael Webber had no social or sexual inhibitions after the frontal lobes of his brain were damaged by a stroke, Gloucester crown court heard.

Webber knocked on a local woman’s door and informed her that he had been told he could get sex from her.

The pensioner also offered to pay a 14-year-old girl for sex and tried to hug her as she was shopping.

She pushed him away but he hugged her again.

Webber then put his hand down her pants.

The court heard that another woman, who knew Webber for two years, had noticed that he had changed when he told her "I can see your pants my dear - but it's a very nice sight" before slapping her on the back side.

Mental health nurse Andy Webb told the court: "He suffers from a form of vascular dementia.

"His frontal lobes have been damaged by a stroke which has led to disinhibited behaviour."

Sarah Jenkins, defending, said: "This has happened to him through no fault of his own. He simply suffered a stroke.

Judge Tabor told Webber “You had a stroke which has affected your social behaviour - it has reduced or removed your inhibitions in relation to the opposite sex," before sentencing him to 4 months jail suspended for two years with a one year mental health treatment order.

A seven year sexual harm prevention order was also made against Webber.