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Stepfather caught repeatedly throwing girl (3) into pool until she drowns

Distressing: The man is seen repeatedly throwing the girl into the girl
Distressing: The man is seen repeatedly throwing the girl into the girl

The stepfather of a three-year-old girl who drowned has been arrested after footage of him repeatedly throwing her into a swimming pool emerged.

The unnamed man was seen on CCTV throwing the young girl into a swimming pool at the hotel in the city of Morelia, in the south-west Mexican state of Michoacan.

A four-minute clip uploaded online shows the man flinging the toddler into the pool a number of times.

She is quite clearly in distress but the man continues throwing her into water.

The distressing clip shows the girl floundering in the water as she tries to keep her head above the water. 

At one point he jumps into the pool with her and proceeds to drag her under the water. He even throws her into the pool and walks away before returning and flinging her in while she is fully clothed. 

After several minutes the girl is seen vainly attempting to remain above water as the man throws her a buoy. However, she is too weak to grab it. She was rushed to hospital by her mother after she was found not to be breathing. 

Police say the man, his partner and her daughter were staying at the hotel together and the mother was asleep in their room when the incident happened.

A post-mortem examination is said to have revealed that the cause of death was mechanical asphyxia by drowning, a local station reported. 

The man was arrested and is to be charged with murder, authorities said.