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Spree killer claims seven lives in two months

Todd West
Todd West

A 22-year-old is in custody in the US charged with a two month long killing spree.

Todd West is alleged to have shot and killed seven people in New Jersey and Pennsylvania over eight weeks in May, June and July.

He is charged with killing three people and wounding a fourth in Elizabeth, New Jersey on the 25th of June.

He is then believed to have headed to Pennsylvania where he is said to have murdered three more people on the 5th of July.

He is also charged with murder in the fatal shooting on May 18, in Elizabeth, of his cousin Michael Tompkins, (29).

West is also charged with attempted murder and weapons offenses in the June 25 shooting of 24-year-old Richard Marte.

West was identified as a suspect in early July but had “had fled the area prior to the issuance of the warrants”

He was arrested on the 6th of July in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

The victims have been named as Dennis Vega, Kelvin Nelson, Jamil Payne, Francine Ramos, Trevor Gray, Kory Ketrow and Michael Thompkins.

Two other men, 23-year-old Kareem Mitchell and 20-year-old Robert Jourdain were charged with homicide as West's accomplices.

Robert Jourdain

West had been released from Mountainview Youth Correctional Facility in Annandale on Oct. 17, 2014, after serving 16 months of a three-year sentence, according to the New Jersey Department of Corrections.

He was serving a sentence for drug charges and for resisting arrest and eluding police while operating a motor vehicle, corrections department records show.