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Shocking footage of Irish 'death drivers' putting lives at risk before police chase

A still from the shocking video
A still from the shocking video

A video has emerged showing 'death drivers' putting their lives and the safety of their community at risk.

The video was posted on Facebook on Tuesday. It shows two cars, thought to be stolen, being driven erratically in front of a group of youths.

The police then show up in an unmarked car and attempted to catch those behind the wheel.

One of those in a car can be seen making off on foot.

It's believed the incident happened in the past week in the Ross Road residential area off the Falls Road in Belfast.

By Wednesday morning, the video has been viewed over 170,000 times.

Many have blamed the notorious 'Divis Hoods' group which has been blamed for numerous car thefts and death driving incidents.

It is not thought anyone was injured.

Belfast councillor Tim Attwood said: "The behaviour on display here is reckless and dangerous in the extreme.

"Any one of the bystanders could have been injured as the cars are thrown around the street like toys.

"I'm glad the police were able to respond quickly to the reports and I would encourage anyone with information about this criminal behaviour to come forward."

Sinn Fein West Belfast MP Paul Maskey has said a robust response was needed from the police and the courts to tackle car crime.

He said: "This shocking footage shows the complete disregard these car criminals have for the community in west Belfast.

"Thankfully no one appears to have been injured but unfortunately this community knows all too well the pain and misery car crime can have.

"We need to see a robust response from the PSNI in tackling car crime and the judiciary also have a key role in helping to eradicate this menace, particularly in the treatment of persistent offenders."

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