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Serial paedo convinced 14-year-old girl he was teen lesbian

Charles Poyser (Pic: Police/Manchester Evening News)
Charles Poyser (Pic: Police/Manchester Evening News)

Serial paedophile Charles Poyser, who had previously been jailed for a host of child sexual offences, is back in the slammer after a sick ruse played on an unsuspecting young girl.

48-year-old Poyser was jailed after pretending he was a teenage lesbian in a sick plot to groom a child.

The twisted man made the 14-year-old, who was being bullied in school for being gay, think that she was in a relationship with another girl through several hundred online messages.

The reality of the situation was that a disgusting paedophile with a criminal history stretching back 25 years was duping the girl into messaging him explicit images.

The pervert was handed down a nine-year jail sentence, as well as being branded as a dangerous offender.

The horrific exploitation was uncovered in a raid on Poyser’s home in 2012.

An indefinite sexual offences prevention order placed on the man in 2012 meant authorities could check on his internet use at any time, while he was banned from unsupervised contact with children.

During the raid, police discovered a man-made hole in the floorboards beneath a toilet in the house where they seized a smartphone, USB sticks, memory cards, a laptop and a webcam, according to the Manchester Evening News.

On searching the hidden devices, a total of 483 messages swapped between Poyser and the young girl were found.

Having sent indecent pictures of a woman he claimed to be to the 14-year-old, he requested explicit images and the performance of a sex act in return.

The serial paedophile also had also stashed nearly 2,500 pictures of kids as young as five, while sharing further images online with other perverts through Skype.

Handing down the nine-year jail term, a Judge labelled Poyser as a "devious and manipulative recidivist paedophile."