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"Rapist vampire fetishist" forced victim to drink his blood from cross carved in his chest

Luke McCarthy
Luke McCarthy

A 28-year-old ‘vampire fetishist’ carved a cross into his chest and forced a woman to drink his blood, a jury in the UK was told.

The theatrical prop maker then allegedly sliced the woman’s inner thigh with a razor blade and sucked her blood.

The alleged victim, one of two women he is accused of raping, told cops he held her head to his chest wound.

28-year-old Luke McCarthy is also said to have drained blood into vodka to keep it fresh and forced her to drink that too.

McCarthy allegedly raped a second woman three years later after meeting her at a 'gothic industrial fetish club'.

Prosecutor David Harounoff told the court that the first woman was forced to sleep on McCarthy's floor with her head in a cage after being punched by him and told that she was “sort of attractive” to him.

“He has this vampire fetish - he cut his chest in the shape of a cross and blood came out,” the woman told police in an interview.

“He got the back of my head and made me suck it out - I had no choice, I had to suck the blood.”

McCarthy allegedly cut the woman’s leg and sucked up her blood from the wound.

“'He was sucking it up because he was biting on the sides - really really sucking, it was painful.”

McCarthy told police following his arrest she was a consenting partner who was up for kinky sex.

He insisted in an interview: “It was just how we were sexually. She did want to experiment.”

The alleged rapist was also quizzed about wanting her to act as his slave.

He told officers: “Unless you are naturally submissive in certain ways, then you can’t have someone be dominant to you because you can’t get anything out of it.

“I basically said it might give her more to focus on.”

The court heard that McCarthy had the ability to "charm any person to make him look like the most wonderful person on earth".

“He switches completely from being this terrifying person to being a really nice guy,” the alleged victim told police.

The alleged victim repeatedly asked McCarthy to stop and he simply replied 'master' to indicate how he felt she should address him, jurors heard.

McCarthy allegedly threatened the woman's family, telling her: “I know where your sister is.

“If you tell anyone the same thing will happen to her but a lot worse.”

McCarthy pleads not guilty to four counts of rape between 2009 and 2013. His second alleged victim was a woman who spent three years as his girlfriend.

She was in her mid-20s when she started going out with him.