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Premier League star's terror after armed thugs break into his home

Baseball-bat wielding thugs entered Tom Cleverley's home
Baseball-bat wielding thugs entered Tom Cleverley's home

Everton and England midfielder Tom Cleverley has suffered a terrible ordeal after he and his family endured a raid on their home by baseball wielding thugs.

Cleverley, who is married to TOWIE star Georgina Dorsett with whom he has a young daughter, was at home with his family when the shocking home invasion took place.

The three were at home on Friday night when the two raiders, armed with baseball bats and extendable batons, smashed their way into the house outside Manchester.

The demanded to know where the couple kept their valuables.

The pair handed over, according to the Mirror, a £15,000 Cartier bracelet, a £10,000 Hermes Birkin handbag and an Audemars Piguet watch worth £50,000.

They thieves then took the keys to a £100,000 Range Rover belonging to the couple which they used to speed away from the scene.

Cleverley and Dorsett are reported to be 'shaken' by the incident, but they were not injured during the break-in.

Manchester police are investigating the aggravated burglary.