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No jail for dad who beat 'paedo' to death for taking pictures of his kids

Sandro Rottman (pic: twitter)
Sandro Rottman (pic: twitter)

A father of three who punched a 'paedophile' to death for taking pictures of his daughter is to be spared jail.

British ex-pat Devinder Kainth was originally sentenced to six months after he admitted the manslaughter of Sandro Rottman in a restaurant in Sotogrande, Spain.

Devinder Kainth

Rottman, a German who once helped Katie Price launch a clothes range, was facing trial at the time over child porn found on his computer.

The 43-year-old died in hospital after being attacked by millionaire Mr Kainth after he discovered photos of his children on the paedophile’s iPad.

The court heard that Rottman’s health problems from heavy drinking had contributed to his death.

Sandro Rottman

Judge Raquel Gomez Sancho wrote: “The accused punched Sandro several times in the head.

“The punches would not normally have caused his death. But due to a severe liver cirrhosis the victim had which the accused was unaware of, the bleeding they caused led to Sandro dying minutes afterwards.”

Mr Kainth’s emotional state after seeing the photos was accepted as mitigation and his sentence for the killing is now to be suspended after he made a death with the prosecution.

The 39-year-old estate agent may even end up being let off with just a fine after his lawyer appealed.