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Murderer stabbed flatmate to death in 'savage' street attack

Sivan Amin
Sivan Amin

A murderer who stabbed his former housemate to death in a "savage" street attack after serving time for a similar killing in Sweden has been jailed for at least 40 years.

Sivan Amin inflicted no less than 23 stab wounds on Mircea Cozmiuc in Wolverhampton only two years after he was released from prison for shooting his first victim in the head.

Amin, who was denied asylum after coming to the UK in 2000, was jailed for murder in Sweden in 2008 after gunning down Deren Omar Mohammed with a pistol at close range.

Passing a life sentence at Birmingham Crown Court, Judge Melbourne Inman QC said Amin, of Merridale Street West, Wolverhampton, had "remained in control" when he killed Mr Cozmiuc last September.

Amin was found guilty of murder on Wednesday after a trial heard how he ambushed Mr Cozmiuc in Carter Road, Wolverhampton, while wearing a balaclava.

Describing Amin as a singularly and extraordinarily dangerous man, Judge Inman told the double killer: "You were seen to move your victim's arms out of the way in order to stab him where you aimed.

"You severed both carotid arteries on each side of his neck and there were many penetrating stab wounds to his abdomen, chest and vital organs."

As Amin stared at the floor in the dock, the judge added: "This is the second person you have murdered.

"The circumstances of how you came to murder Mr Cozmiuc are very similar - the slaying arose from your very violent reaction to your extreme jealousy and feeling of betrayal when Mr Cozmiuc appeared to have transferred his friendship and affection from you."

Ordering Amin to serve a minimum of 40 years before parole can be considered, the judge added: "You are only 37 but you have already murdered two people and murdered them in circumstances that are likely to reoccur throughout your life.

"I am wholly satisfied that the minimum term must be a very long one to properly reflect just punishment for what you have done."

Mr Cozmiuc, 23, received abusive messages from Amin before he was stabbed near his home as he made his way to work at about 7am on Saturday September 3.

Amin, believed to be a Kurdish Iraqi, fled in an Audi, which was traced by police and found to have blood on the accelerator.

The court heard Amin and his second victim met in 2015 and had lived at the same address until June last year.

Amin moved out after police were called to an incident and then began to send threatening messages to Mr Cozmiuc, his sister and a female friend, making reference to a stabbing.

Before passing sentence, Judge Inman told the court he had considered imposing a whole-life term.

The judge said: "I have considered hard and long whether a whole-life order must be imposed. In my judgment the circumstances here fall on or about the borderline.

"I am not sure that a very lengthy minimum term would not properly amount to just punishment for this very serious crime and for that reason a whole life order would not be the correct sentence."