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Murder accused says he's being tried for arguing with his wife

Ellie Butler
Ellie Butler

The father accused of killing six-year-old Ellie Butler in a fit of rage told jurors at a Uk court he was being unfairly tried for "arguing with my wife".

Giving evidence, Ben Butler, 36, refused to be "muzzled" during the angry rant in which he accused experts of being "biased" and "corrupt".

He is on trial at the Old Bailey accused of murdering his daughter in October 2013, 11 months after winning a custody battle to get her back.

The prosecution say Butler had a volatile character and was frequently on the verge of losing his temper.

They cite abusive text messages to his partner Jennie Gray, 36, in which he appears enraged and on the brink of violence.

The court heard how Butler was jailed for 19 months for "shaking" Ellie in 2007 when she was seven weeks old, but his conviction was quashed on appeal.

On the earlier case, Butler said: "It's a f****** disgrace. Make no mistake about it. It has been slammed by the High Court judges, the way the trial was conducted.

"There was 10 experts that the Crown use for every single case - Mr and Mrs Guilty - and we were allowed three experts because they have more funding etc.

"It was unfairly conducted. I had an unfair trial."

He went on: "It feels like I'm having an unfair trial now because firstly, I have been charged with murdering my daughter but you are trying me for arguing with my wife.

"Secondly, you have corrupt experts coming here giving expert opinion when they have already been used by every trial before.

"They cannot be impartial. They are completely biased and in many respects corrupt.

"Thirdly, you have lost evidence in this trial that we would be able to prove there was more wrong with my daughter."

Mr Justice Wilkie warned he was getting into "difficult territory" but Butler retorted: "I'm not going to be muzzled - it's how I feel."

The judge said: "No-one is wanting to muzzle this witness," to which he replied: "Sounds like you are."

Butler appeared close to tears as he told jurors that Ellie did not even recognise him after he got out of prison, where he was housed on a sex offenders' wing.