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Murder accused says he found dead body after drug-fuelled sex marathon

Tomasz Kocik is on trial at the Old Bailey
Tomasz Kocik is on trial at the Old Bailey

A Polish forklift truck driver has admitted stuffing his girlfriend into a suitcase and dumping her in the Grand Union Canal but insisted he found her dead at home after days of drug-fuelled sex sessions.

Tomasz Kocik, of Buckingham Road, Harlesden, is on trial at the Old Bailey accused of murdering 23-year-old Marta Ligman between April 28 and May 10 this year.

The 5ft 2in delicatessen worker was badly beaten but may have been alive at the time Kocik dragged her from their flat to the canal in north west London, the court has heard. Her body was found 10 days later.

Kocik went into the witness box to give evidence through an interpreter as the victim's tearful mother looked on in court.

The 38-year-old told how he met Ms Ligman in an online chatroom and she came to Britain to join him in 2012.

The defendant described how they enjoyed an active sex life which involved bondage and drugs.

As in porn movies they had seen, she would call him "mother-f*****" and she liked it when he called her a "slut", "bitch" and "whore" as well as other Polish swear words, he said.

Kocik said they would also take it in turns to blindfold each other and tie their hands or use handcuffs.

Asked by his lawyer Jeremy Dein QC if there was violence involved, he said: "Yes, I would hit her and she would hit me depending on which one of us was dominating at the time."

Before her death, Ms Ligman had sent affectionate text messages, calling him "little tiger" and suggested they had a threesome with a female colleague she fancied.

In one message on April 23, she wrote: "I love you very much my little tiger" signing off with three hearts.

On the suggested threesome, Kocik told her: "I have a desire for you plural and I don't care whether it's together or separately."

Between April 24 and 28, the couple had been ill and spent their days at home, taking amphetamines, watching hard core porn and having sex, Kocik said.

On April 29, he went back to work and returned home in the evening to find his girlfriend lying on the sofa, appearing to be asleep, the court heard.

Kocik said: "When I turned the lights on I noticed she was not sleeping. Her eyes were open and her mouth was open. There was no reaction when I turned on the light.

"I checked her pulse and I noticed she did not have a pulse. I put her down on the floor and started resuscitating her. I was in shock. I thought it was a bad dream."

Kocik told jurors that instead of calling emergency services, he told his neighbour "Marta is gone" and he misunderstood that he she had gone away.

Asked how he thought she had died, the defendant said: "Because we had been taking lots of amphetamines for the last few days."

He went on: "I felt terrible. I felt guilty about that, maybe because I did not stop her from doing that. I felt like my head was going to explode. I felt under such pressure."

That night, Kocik said he got an old suitcase from the loft and put Ms Ligman inside before going to the canal early the next morning.

Mr Dein asked: "We know on May 1 you are seen taking the suitcase to the canal. Do you accept that it was you we see on CCTV leading the suitcase along to the canal on Friday morning?"

Kocik tearfully replied: "Yes."

On why he did it, he said: "I only remember I thought I would be in trouble because we had been taking drugs and I would be blamed for that."

Kocik denies murder and the trial was adjourned until Tuesday.