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SHOCKING: Listen to Molly Martens’ father tell police he may have killed Jason Corbett

Tom Martens
Tom Martens

Shocking audio has emerged of 65-year-old Thomas Martens telling a 911 operator that he hit Limerick man Jason Corbett with a baseball bat.

"I intervened and I think he's in bad shape. We need help. He's bleeding all over. I may have killed him," the former FBI agent can be heard saying.

The account given in the call, which a court agreed could be released last night, is at odds with alleged confession Ms Martens is said to have made to Mr Corbett's sister.

The sister, Tracey Lynch, has claimed under oath that Ms Martens (32) indicated she killed her husband.

Jason Corbett and Molly Martens Corbett

However, in the 911 call, Mr Martens took responsibility for the head injuries suffered by Limerick man Corbett.

He says: "My daughter's husband, my son-in-law, got in a fight with my daughter.

"I intervened and I think he's in bad shape. We need help.

"He's bleeding all over.

"I may have killed him."

The phone is then handed to Molly Martens who is told to begin chest compressions.

Reports indicate that Thomas Martens had been visiting the Corbett family home in Wallburg, North Carolina with his wife when Molly and Jason got into a fight.

During the 911 call the dispatcher asked if Mr Corbett had been drinking, to which Mr Martens replied:

"He had been drinking during the course of the day."

She asked if he was conscious, to which Mr Martens replied: "No."

Then the dispatcher asked if he was breathing. Mr Martens said: "I can't tell."

During the exchanges, Ms Martens can be heard in the background, sobbing in distress.

The dispatcher urged Mr Martens to roll Mr Corbett on to his back.

"He's a big heavy man and I can't do it," Mr Martens replied.

He was asked if anyone could help him.

"My daughter. She's in terrible shape," he responded.

"Someone needs to get him on his back. We need to verify if he's breathing," the dispatcher said.

Eventually Mr Corbett was turned onto his back.

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The dispatcher asked how Mr Corbett sustained his injuries.

Mr Martens said: "I hit him in the head with a baseball bat.

"He was choking my daughter. He said: 'I'm going to kill her'."

The dispatcher asked where the bat was. Mr Martens replied that it was in the bedroom with him.

She urged him not to touch it anymore.

Then she asked Mr Martens to send his daughter out to switch on the porch light and unlock the door as paramedics were on the way.

The dispatcher then started talking Mr Martens and his daughter through administering CPR.

"He's a mess," said Mr Martens.

The dispatcher asked if Mr Corbett's airways were clear.

"As clear as I can get. He's covered in blood," he replied.

The dispatcher said they would have to pump Mr Corbett's chest 600 times.

She set a pace for them, urging them to pump the chest at a faster rate than they were initially doing.

At this point the phone was passed to Ms Martens and she was urged to calm down "so we can help him".

The dispatcher asked her to take over from her father after 200 pumps of the chest.

Ms Martens replied: "I'm certified. I just can't think."

The dispatcher said: "Just stay calm and let your training take over."

Mr Martens came back on the phone and said his daughter was a swim coach and knew CPR.

They kept doing the compressions until the paramedics arrived.

"Take your daughter and back away and let them do their job," the dispatcher said at that point.

"Try and keep her calm. Y'all did a good job."

Mr Martens can be heard saying to his daughter: "Let them do their job."

She can be heard crying in the background.

The dispatcher then asked Mr Martens to take his daughter out of the room.

"As much as possible, are you okay ," the dispatcher asked.

"Yeah, I'm okay," Mr Martens said calmly.

"Law enforcement is on the way. If I can do anything else let me know," the dispatcher said.

The last thing that can be heard is Mr Martens saying: "Molly, Molly come on out of there."