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Michael Jackson’s doctor claims star fell in love with 11-year-old actress

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

The doctor who served two years for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson is getting set to release a new book, in which he claims the star fell in love with an 11-year-old British actress and the 12-year-old daughter of close friend.

Dr Conrad Murray who was blamed for the death of the superstar in 2009 claims that Jackson urged him to pen the book and tell the story of his life ahead of his overdose seven years ago.

According to The Irish Mirror, Murray revealed that many of Jackson’s previously unknown stories will be told in the book, set to be released next week.

“This is the true story of Michael’s life that has never been told. It’s the final word. It is the story of who Michael Jackson really was. It’s the truth.

“Everything else out there is speculative. Everyone thinks they know the story- but they don’t.

“How could they when they never met him, never spent any time with him, never had him open up to them about his life, his fears, his anxieties?

Dr Conrad Murray

“As friends, Michael and I shared a lot of secrets that have never been shared with anyone else. When you are friends, your colleague speaks and tells you things he doesn’t tell others,” Murray told the publication.

Murray began writing the book while he was incarcerated, serving two years of a four year sentence for involuntary manslaughter however he still claims his innocence.

“I am an innocent man. I was unjustly punished for a crime that never happened. I was not with Michael when he died. Yes I was in the house but I discovered the man lifeless. Doctors lose patients every day. It’s part of our working life,“ he said.

Murray said he hoped the book would answer many questions the public had about Jackson, who left behind three children Prince also known as Blanket (14), Paris (18) and Michael (19).

“Was he a monster or did he interfere with children? Read the book. The answers are all there.”